Project Description

In DIOGENES architecture, we will define three Cloud APIs: IaaS, SaaS and NaaS layers. We plan to design and develop novel and unified interfaces among *aaS layers to allow dynamic allocation of resources to manage real time events for downloading and uploading content. Additionally, by automation of deployment and configuration, time and effort will be reduced for operating and maintaining applications. Furthermore, streaming cloud services allow operators to avoid the over provisioning issue to handle peak load.

  • The IaaS, will allow cloud heterogeneous H/W infrastructure (i.e. GPUs, FPGAs) for media processing, encoding and real-time transcoding and storage for content caching to be added, reconfigured, or removed.
  • The SaaS will provide the processing functionalities in terms of encoding (we will consider both multiview content with colour plus depth encoding for the video content and HEVC). In the case of transcoding,content distribution, and QoE Monitoring. We will design and develop transcoding to support the demands for heterogeneous users..Moreover, video characteristics will be jointly optimized with SDN/NFV characteristics (number of paths between the server and the client).
  • The Cloud NaaS will provide the necessity aggregate throughput through Network Function Virtualization (NFV). We will build an SDN network comprising virtual routers , which will be configured on-demand, to provide the bandwidth and/or capabilities requested by the resource dispatcher. The virtual routers will be built in OpenFlow using open source controllers to control and monitor OpenFlow Switches and Apache Hadoop, a distributed processing framework, for launching protocol instances, processing the protocol messages across many machines and aggregating the set of forwarding rules output into a final result.